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Universal Air Products

As a specialist in air and gas compressors, filtration, and drying systems for over 40 years, Universal Air Products Corp. provides complete system design, installation and on-going maintenance for your system. Our application engineers can assist you in determining the best system design for your application. UAPC can accommodate outdoor, low ambient, off-shore, marine or hazardous location design requirements when required. Applications range from basic household pollen & cigarette smoke control, to commercial kitchen exhaust, printing ink, diesel smoke, industrial oil mist, welding smoke & lead fume.

“O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems is Universal Air Product’s consultant for CNG systems.   As a supplier with worldwide capabilities, Universal adds a wider range of products to “O” Ring CNG’s line.   With our expertise in natural gas systems, its a win-win combination to achieve maximum potential on any CNG project.

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