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Our History

“O”Ring CNG Fuel Systems, L.P. was born out of the expertise of 30+ years in all aspects of the compressed gas industry (system design, operation, and maintenance) and a vision for increasing the utilization of a cleaner, more cost-effective, indigenous fuel supply in the United States.   Managing partner, Robert H. Beatty, Jr. (Bob), saw a need for alternative fueling stations and started with a pilot project for his home and business use.  Using his expertise and his own resources, he began by installing a private CNG fuel station his own property in 2005 and purchasing several bi- fuel vehicles at a time.  Bob completed all the work himself and expanded his knowledge base in the process.  Upon seeing the cost savings immediately in those first two vehicles, he continued both his personal and business fleet conversion process.  Today, the majority of personal vehicles, lawn mowers, heavy equipment, as well as his fleet of 9 business vehicles operate on CNG.  With a grand total of 16 vehicles and equipment converted and thousands gallons of conventional fuel replaced each year, Bob has cut his annual fuel costs in half.

Excited by the initial success of this pilot project, we at “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems, L.P. felt compelled to share the technology and fuel savings.   We have since installed three public CNG fueling stations  in Coolspring, PA and Punxsutawney, PA, and Brookville, PA respectively, and have two more scheduled to open in the summer of 2015 in DuBois and Somerset, PA.  In addition, we’ve helped business fleets in Pennsylvania realize the same cost savings and energy independence by converting equipment and installing CNG fuel stations for various PA businesses.  We are ready to handle any size CNG project, from a home fuel station to a large fleet conversion and fuel supply project.

Our goal at “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems, L.P. is to continually strive to help Americans achieve energy independence at all levels and promote the use of cleaner, cost-effective, environmentally friendly fuel solutions locally, regionally, and globally.

If you are interested in more information on how CNG solutions can save you money while promoting a clean, indigenous energy source, contact “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems L.P. today!

A completed "O" Ring CNG fuel station.

A completed “O” Ring CNG fuel station.

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