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Local, State, or Federal Government Fleets

Government vehicle fleets make excellent candidates for conversion to NGVs because they often have set routes and/or return back to the same home station most nights.  Investing in a single CNG fuel station for a local or state fleet could potentially fuel fire, police, and rescue vehicles as well as snowplows and other DOT vehicles.  If the CNG was sold to the public as well, not only could the government fleets cut their vehicular fuel costs in half, they have to potential to make money on their investment by selling the fuel.  In a time when government budgets are being cut more and more every year, making the switch to NGVs and a CNG fuel station can help government entities significantly reduce their operating costs.

At the federal level, the Obama administration released a memo to government agencies on May 24th 2011 saying that all new cars in the federal government fleet must be alternative-fuel vehicles, (hybrid, electric, or natural gas). According to the General Services Administration (GSA), all new government vehicles must be able to use alternative fuels by 2015. Given the fact that the federal fleet is composed of more than half a million cars and trucks, the government can single handedly provide a boost to manufacturers of greener cars, make a significant cut in the exorbitant spending on foreign oil, and help put those saved dollars back in Americans’ hand through new jobs in the natural gas industry.

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