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Founder and CEO of "O" Ring CNG Fuel Systems, LP, Robert H. Beatty, Jr.

Founder and CEO of “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems, LP, Robert H. Beatty, Jr.

Founder and managing partner of “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems, L.P., Robert H. Beatty, Jr., is a proven expert in the field of compressed  gases as well as compression and storage systems.  With 30 years in the field as the former president of “O” Ring & Associates, Inc., a  related compressed gas company, clients are assured they are in good hands with Bob attending to their unique CNG needs.

  Bob is certified by the Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVI) of America in both CNG Fuel Station Design & Construction and CNG Fuel Station Management.  He has extensive experience with compressed gases as a technician, system designer, consultant, sales manager, and distributor for several major international compressor brands.   He can assist with the service of gas production facilities,  pipeline or transportation solutions for CNG, as well as treatment and processing facilities for CNG.  From assessing the best plan for each  customer, designing, building, and installing individualized equipment, to both routine and emergency service and maintenance, Bob has the expertise and technical knowledge to diagnose and solve any challenge.

Further, Bob has an extensive network of professionals in the field to tap into for support on larger projects.  He’s partnered with equipment production companies, engineers, and other compression experts to ensure that no project is out of the realm of possibility.

 As the owner of several natural gas wells, Bob practices what he preaches.  He has personally converted everything possible in his home and business to CNG.  From heat, to electric, to cooking fuel, to lawn mowers, forklifts, as well as all business and personal vehicles, he has achieved energy independence both personally and professionally and is eager to help others realize the benefits of natural gas.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, Bob has a vision.  He believes in working towards energy independence in America.  He believes in reducing our collective carbon footprint to protect our environment for future generations.   He believes in saving costs locally to boost our own economy and help employ Americans.  As a potential CNG user, why not choose a company led by someone who you can believe in and trust to help you along the way?

Watch Mr. Beatty’s compelling testimony regarding why CNG is important:

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