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George I. Reitz and Sons

George I. Reitz & Sons, Inc is the home of Brookville Tanks.  They are a manufacturer and distributor of tanks for the storage of petroleum, hazardous, and non-hazardous liquids.  They fabricate both above ground and under ground tanks to various standards, including UL, API, and STI.

With over a million dollar inventory on hand, Reitz can supply contractors and end users in all the equipment needed to construct a typical fueling facility, convenience store, bulk storage facility, or commercial fueling location, and the equipment is available now.  They can provide tanks and equipment for motor oil, bio-fuels, including ethanol blends up to 100% and bio-diesel up to 100%, and now DEF (diesel exhaust fluid).

“O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems has recently partnered with George I. Reitz and Sons to bring the additional dimension of alternative fuel (CNG) to their product line.  As America moves towards more green fuel solutions, George I. Reitz and Sons & “O”Ring CNG Fuel Systems are ready to meet the challenge.

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