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We are a full-service global compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel solutions company based in Western Pennsylvania. Our goal is to promote the use of CNG as a clean, abundant, and economical North American energy source in order to boost our economy, reduce foreign oil purchases, enhance national security, create more jobs for US workers, and reduce harmful emissions into our environment.

Our services range from feasibility studies to assess your needs all the way through concept, design, and implementation. We primarily focus on the design and installation of CNG fueling stations, with a secondary focus on vehicle and fleet conversion to natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Our clients include personal, home-use fuel station users, large and small business fleets, and local, state, or federal government fleets. We also design and install public fuel station facilities.

For new clients, our first step is to meet with you to discuss CNG operations and conduct a feasibility study during which we will gather vehicle data and help you determine a go-green plan of action tailored to your individual needs. We will make recommendations based on CNG supply, fuel demand, available funding, client profile, and regulatory considerations.

After gathering all customer input and data, together we will determine the best course of action. “O” Ring CNG will then begin designing your custom CNG equipment. Partnered with various affiliate companies to include design engineers, vehicle manufacturers and up-fitters, mechanical and electrical contractors, fuel service suppliers, and global compressor/equipment manufacturers, we have resources at our fingertips to complete a project of any size.

“O” Ring CNG can assist clients in filing the appropriate permits required and help locate outside funding sources, as there many state and local incentive programs available for alternative fueling projects. Should you require assistance, our staff grant writer can apply for grant funding on your behalf.

Once the design is finalized, plans are approved, and funding/permits are secured, “O” Ring CNG will coordinate the entire project from ground breaking through fueling your first CNG vehicle. We’ll provide onsite training as well as technical and maintenance support once the project is complete. Project and or site management services are also available. With our full-spectrum of services, we’ll guide you in every aspect of your go-green CNG experience.  Below you can watch a video produced by the folks at the In View Series about “O” Ring CNG and why alternative fuel is more critical than ever for the sustainment of our economy and lifestyle in the United States:

Watch the below computer generated animation of the “O” Ring CNG Fuel Systems station design concept, played out to a full CNG station! This is our signature model and design, utilized at all our private and public fuel stations.  And below that is a photography of the concept built into reality at a working “O” Ring CNG fuel site.


And the real thing:


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